Bicycles and Frames

I am Frank Montesanto and my philosophy is simple; to provide a custom bicycle of the highest quality, designed and built specifically for each individuals size, shape, flexibility and riding style. My bikes are handcrafted by me one detail at a time. It is that attention to detail and high standard that makes each custom bicycle a very personal experience for me as well as for the rider.

This is why I put my name on every frame.

Now we should talk about the word “custom”. There are many interpretations of this; Is it an adjustment in stem length or adding headset spacers to make a generic size frame fit? Is it changing the crank length to the proper size? Is it getting to choose the components for that frame from a drop down menu?

I believe that cycling is a personal experience where the bicycle should feel like a part of you. Every person is different so shouldn’t every bicycle be different? To me “custom” means something that is made specifically for your body, riding style and your personality. After the first couple of pedal strokes you know when you are on a bicycle made for you. We achieve this through the measurements taken and the conversations between the rider and the builder. I use this information to help determine the proper frame size.

Why choose a Montesanto Bicycle? I could make up a lot of reasons why I am this or that compared to other builders but that is not who I am. There are so many people out there building custom bicycles and some of them are very accomplished. I can only speak for myself and what I do. My passion for bicycles and bicycle building is what drives me. It is my attention to the smallest detail which then becomes part of the complete bicycle. I build my bicycles with my hands, filing the mitered joints and cutting the tubes one stroke at a time. There are faster and easier ways but I am not interested in speed. Again, it is all in the details and speeding things up leads to a drop in quality and control. I could set my jig and stamp out a bunch of frames all the same size using basic geometries but I am not interested in becoming a factory. I am interested in providing you with the ultimate ride. A bicycle made specifically for you… the individual.